Monday, July 15, 2013

Love the rain

Haven't written in forever, I know I'm lame.  Just been spending lots of time with Mike and play video games :)  We've been going through Terraria with Cory.  Finally made it to hardmode (which none of us have done before!)  So far, it's fairly true to its name :P  Guess we need to gear up!

Was in a beta with Mike for another game.  It seems okay, but more disappointing considering it would be a pay-for MMO.  We've got Rift to play for free, so no reason to switch over :)  Enjoying Rift for sure, and doing my best to get Dwyer in on it.  I think he'd actually be able to make the kind of cleric he wants to play.

Steam's summer sale is in full effect.  Haven't bought as much as I expected I would, but it's not over yet!  I really don't need to be buying more games anyway XD  I did pick up Civ 5 with all the map packs and Gods and Kings DLC for $12.50 though.  I mean, come on, how can you pass it up THAT cheap??  I may buy Monaco if it goes to 50% off.  Would like to pickup Shadowrun Returns, too, but it's only been $18 so far.

Been playing a bunch of Dragon Age Origins.  Almost done with the storyline (I think), but I'm doing my best to get all the possible choices, and thus all the possible achievements ;)  Still have quite a few to go, although several are from DLC.  May end up spending all of my free Xbox points on the DLCs I don't have tho...

Pathfinder has been a blast these past couple of weeks.  A couple of us, including myself, nearly died last game.  I think David was doing his best to throw something difficult at us, since we were mostly raping just about everything else XD  But we liiiiived!

Took my motorcycle out for a ride this morning... the first time in about 3-4 month o.O  Been too long.  I was a little nervous, but once I turned it on and started going, I remembered exactly how much I missed it :)  My busted finger doesn't feel too bad, either.  Not particularly sore or anything.  I could feel it every time I pulled the clutch, but it was never too bad or anything.  My next purchase has to be a backrest, so then Mike will ride with me :D

I finally bought a new phone.  Went with the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Bought it straight-out off contract ($650) so as to not lose my unlimited data plan.  Also did the math- if I did buy the phone subsidized ($200 + $30 "upgrade fee"), the 5GB data plan (I couldn't do 2GB, I'd go over and pay more in fees than anything) makes my current plan cost $26 more a month, which over 24 months adds up to $624.  Thus, making the subsidized "cheaper" phone cost $854.  Yeah, definitely not worth it in the least.  Been loving the phone!  I can actually use it to do things now, instead of just hope I get phone calls and text messages!  The Google voice interaction is amazingly fun and useful (creating reminders and calendar events on the fly).  And being able to actually play games on it is crazy to me :P

Went to my last hand doctor and therapy appointments on Thursday this past week.  All's good!  There's a slight stiffness when I make a fist, but I can do so with ease now.  As long as I don't reinjure it, I should be 100% in another couple of weeks :D

Last weekend, Ayla brought it upon herself to let me know that the litter boxes were too full (about 5 days without being cleaned out) by peeing on the futon.  Mike and I managed to get it out over the next couple of days, although now the futon smells like cleaner :/  Coated it in Scotchgard 3 times over as well.  Also going to clean their boxes every other day.  Hopefully we won't have another incident like that any time soon...

Been working on both mine and Mike's 40k armies.  He's almost got his ark pieces all painted so he can think about finally putting it all together soon :)  I bought some more warriors to be trueborns, and I'll be getting another warrior pack once Mega Comics gets some more in.  Apparently, all minis at 15% off over there now, just like their board games.  I wonder if they are going out of business again? :(  I also built an HQ (Baron) out of extra bits I had.  Free > $16! :)  Well, he would be about $16 if they made a figure for him, which they don't!

I found Moosehead lager at Publix!!  I had this beer while I was up in Canada.  Delicious!

Mom gave me a bud from one of her rose bushes :)