Monday, November 3, 2014

The Wrong Sunday Morning

Nearly just started a fire in the toaster at work. Go me!

Steam and their crazy sales... making me feel like I need to blow more of my money on vidja games! I'll never have an XBox One, so I've been thinking about picking up Dead Rising 3 for PC, and then Steam goes and throws it on sale for Halloween! I didn't grab it though. I still have Borderlands the PreSequel and Civilization Beyond Earth to go through some more before I can really legitamize picking up another new game. (Completely disregard all the other XBox games I still have waitlisted on my shelf.) Murdered: Soul Suspect was also up on sale, and that was super tempting at 12.50$. Watched the Zero Punctuation and Two Best Friends Play reviews though, and I don't know if it's going to be worth over 10$ for me :d Will wait until the next inevitable Steam sale sometime in the next month or two. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be even cheaper!

The new Civ has been fantastic. Bradd and I get to gush over it occasionally at Pathfinder. I think he's racked up a multitude more hours on it than I have, but soon my Civ V game with Dwyer will be over and we can start a hotseat Civ BE! :D

Getting murdered by bugs, aah!

Been picking back up League of Legends a little bit (I'm crazy, I know!) I don't play more than 2 or 3 games each session though, so it's really not so bad. Plus, I finally understand how to play my favourite character, Rammus. Well, enough so that I can not completely fail during an intermediate bot game as the jungler. We'll see how horribly I perform once surrounded by real people (although they all suck, right?) At least, that's what one of Dan's friends told me: "Everyone sucks at LoL!"

Pathfinder has been awesome. For a few weekends, the games seemed to fall into this "too much talking, not enough  murdering" lull, but I know it varies based on the selected scenarios. I created a new character for yesterday's game since there are several new Occult classes available for playtesting. The Kineticist grabbed me right off the bat, so I made one based off the Aether element. She was super fun, but I have no idea who I'm going to play her as :/

My sketching class has been going well. Last session was on pens, which I was super excited about. The powdered graphite and I didn't get along very well in the previous class, but I did manage to create an okay-looking tarrasque :)

Pushed myself the day before Halloween last week to do a quick pin-up sketch in honor of the holiday. Been wanting to break into pin-ups, but I'm so nervous about drawing people well. Gave it a shot anyway, because why not! Made Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas :)

I love the little kitten =^^=

Back when I was into WoW, I wanted to do pin-ups for each of the races. Might actually become a reality now, since it'll be great practice. Also was throwing the idea around with Kyle about doing LoL pin-ups, but there are soooooooooooo many characters. I'd want to do the male players, too; would find that to be very amusing for some of them :D (Just imagine- pin-up Rammus!)


Had my last motorcycle ride last Monday night to class. I think it's going to continue to be far too chilly to take it into work in the mornings. Maybe I'll be able to take it around some weekend for a little bit, if the afternoon temps aren't ridiculous. Been thinking about finally purchasing a windshield...

Been wreaking havoc with my fantasy football team. After this week I will be 7-1-1. Scott currently owes me a 6-pack of my choosing and a home-cooked meal from scratch (dinner and dessert!) Will be taking advantage of that when I come visit for Thanksgiving, methinks. Example of my pwnage below :)

Halloween was tons of fun! Went to Clancy's with Dan to see an 80's/90's cover band. Michelle was supposed to join us but she bailed :/ Had invited Crystal, and Teresa and her husband out as well but they did not make it. Are You a Werewolf was Saturday night after a PFS session that was nearly cancelled, but thankfully not :) Blast as always, of course! We started fairly late, later than usual, so we didn't play nearly as many games, but that's okay. Always fun hanging out with everyone :) Crystal was also supposed to come out to that, but she couldn't make it. Le sigh! I will get her out of the house and work-mode some time :D