Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bedazzling Not Included

What a fantabulous week! 

Friday night I went out drinking with Crystal and Teresa. Was a great time! Ended up at Doc's in the early morning hours enjoying a live ska band. Definitely going to have to do that again!

I joined in on Hunter's restart of his home game Saturday night. I've created a tiny, familiar-sized clockwork angel arcanist :) Her backstory is basically she grew up a little human girl, allergic to animals, and never able to have a familiar of her own. Once magically trained, once a bit older, she took up an apprenticeship under a crazy smart, item-creating, and golem-building wizard. Decided one day that she was going to build her own familiar! Only… she didn't really know what she was doing, and ended up trapping her own soul in the body of the familiar she had amatuerly built. Sounds terrible, but I'm a construct! Which has been one of my goals to accomplish since I started playing DnD :)

Sunday was the traditional PFS game, but I was the "talker" for the party for once o.O Craziness! Especially considering none of my character have charisma… but I played with 2 relatively inexperienced players, so it was definitely different for me :) Still fun! We saved the day and whatnot!

Later that night, headed to Temple with Hunter, Bradd, and Sara to enjoy a Powerman 5000 concert! Have never gotten to see them live before, and so glad I finally got to! The energy was crazy awesome :D Even managed to get super srs Bradd to jam a bit!

Played in the Monday night game at Cullyn's before heading home for the holiday. Brie was yoinked through a shadow plane portal to where the rest of the party was, but she's totally fucked up in the head right now :d Should prove to be interesting. Currently, we're in a water temple dungeon, complete with megalodon sharks and krakens! Eeek!

Tuesday after work I drove down to Gainesville. Lost about 2 hour on the way due to holiday traffic jams and accidents :/ Still managed to make it in safely, just later than expected. Took Blue Thunder into the shop Wednesday to check on why he's been gobbling up antifreeze/coolant. Turned out to be 2 leaky hoses :/ One of which required half the engine to be removed to replace. Apparently, he also had an oil leak starting… 670$ and several hours later, he was all fixed-up!

During that time… I went out to have lunch with Scott! Hadn't seen him in ages. We got all caught up on stuff going on in both our lives! Good times :) Also got to hug Mileka a few times! Apparently they work in the same building :D Played a little bit of Borderlands: The Presequel with Mike, too! He's got a full beard going on for Novembeard, and I think it's quite becoming of him :)

Also, got a few phone calls from Allison Ables, who is not only the person the property management company who manages my condo is named after, but she is also the boss for the realtor in charge of my condo listing. Turned out that my realtor is interested in buying and living in my condo! Said she had to go over a couple of things with me, and we negotiated a price, but I was overjoyed!! :D Ended up signing the contract with my realtor/buyer later that night… so I'm officially under contract for it to be sold! So awesome!

And not only that, but I dropped by the bank to make my very last motorcycle payment! Armarant's now officially mine and only mine!

I couldn't have asked for a better day back in town :D

Stayed up super late playing Civ Beyond Earth… woke up relatively early and spent almost all of Thursday playing more Civ:BE. Between Hunter, Bradd, and Dwyer I've gotten sooooooo many hours in for that game. Might actually be starting to understand how to play effectively. Had a few hours breaks for food with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Yesterday was more of the same. Stayed up until 530 in the morning to beat Bradd and Hunter :)

One of the games I was in with Hunter, I was totally screwed. Tiny island: 1/4 me, 1/4 outpost, 1/2 bugs :/
Today was spent clearing out a majority of the things still left in my old room. Did my best to not save anything. Mike came over to chat, and he helped me out with some of the sorting. Generally, I'd just say "tell me that I don't need this", he'd say it in return, and I'd put whatever I was milling over in the Good Will pile. I really don't need any of the stuff I've got left in this room. There are plenty of kids who would enjoy my old toys and stuffed animals more than a box in my closet.

Random old game find:

Tomorrow will be my drive back! I'm hoping for as little traffic as possible, so I can make it in time for Hunter's home game.

Fabulous as always at injuring myself…

Maybe there is no 'too soon' with meant to be.