Friday, August 21, 2015

Time of the Owls

Wow, I'm re-becoming awful at this! So many things going on :o (How many more posts will I start with the word 'wow' and a similar sentiment about my lack of blogging?)

First, happy birthday to Doc Brown and Ayla! My furbabies are getting all grown-up! :) (Yes, I put my socks on Doc.)

Hunter and I have been consistently going out once a week for a date night. Hasn't been much more than dinner and sometimes a movie, but soon that will change! I've filled out my date jar items, and he's currently working on his. Once he's done, we'll be able to pick a new one each week for something fun to do together :D

We did hit up the Stock and Barrel one of the date nights. Bit pricey, but delicious! Finally got to enjoy a bison burger after so many years :)

Monthly Ultimate Werewolf at the VFW was another success! I even moderated about half of the games- which I am very happy to do :) It's actually pretty fun moderating, especially since I never really considered myself particularly good at playing a villager. The couple of times I did play, I ended up as a werewolf... nommed on some delicious villagers ;)

Have had Balo and Brock over a couple of times as well for One Night Werewolf. I've decided to start keeping track of which cards we use and who wins, just out of statistical curiosity. Once I have more data, I'll be sharing it here! :)

Excited to start up Hunter's Savage Worlds campaign tomorrow. I've gotten the backstory on his world, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. Balo and Brock will be playing alongside me, and we all get to be ourselves. Should be fun ^^ Maybe Bradd and Sara will have some free time and be able to join in, too!

Hunter and I went out on a double Nama sushi date with JR and Liz a couple of weeks ago. She is all the pregnant! They both seem very happy (albeit tired and busy!) so I'm glad for them and their new family :) Hopefully we'll all get to go out together more soon. They even showed interest in playing some One Night with us, so I'll have to invite them the next time we all play :)

Found this in my wallet yesterday :'( Will miss Doc's! However, I'm really looking forward to checking out its replacement.

Been crazy addicted to Fallout Shelter this past week. My first vault failed miserably, mostly due to rapid over-expansion and a lack of similarly-expanded rooms. This second vault of mine is going really well, tho! I've got just over 80 people, and I can consistently repel deathclaw attacks. Those stupid molerats get me sometimes, tho.

I'm also having issues keeping my people happy. Too many people to please! The only affective way I've found to increase happiness significantly is by forcing them to have sex with each other- and that only results in creating more dwellers! Oh well.

I suppose I saved the biggest stuff for the end. I've start up school again for the Fall semester. I'm taking Calculus 1 and Computer Organization. Only been to one of each class thus far, so I'm still excited and nervous. It's been about 13 years since I've taken Calculus, so I'm hoping that it's like riding the proverbial bike and I'll catch back onto it quickly. Comp Org is more like computer architecture, so it'll be into the nitty gritty of hardware stuff. We even have arduino boards for labs! I'm really excited to get into programming them to light up and whatnot :)

 House hunting has happened and is still kind of happening. Went to see a slew of houses. Realized a few things:
  • Anything older than 1980 is going to have a floor plan I don't care for
  • 110k$ isn't going to get me very far
  • "New" means something more along the lines of "about 5 years old"
  • There are definitely sketchy patches in the northside
I placed an offer on one place, a house in Knottingwood Forest. They were asking 163k$, and would not budge. Finally got them down to 161k$ because their carpet was awful and needed to be replaced. Thankfully, I had a great home inspector, and he found several things that made me quite nervous. I knew of one foundation crack in the garage, but apparently there were five; two of which were on the same horizontal line, and the other three were all under the front side of the house. If that wasn't unsettling enough, there were three windows that wouldn't close (one in each bedroom upstairs, and one in the kitchen), and there was no weatherproofing wrap underneath the vinyl siding of the house. Things I wouldn't have been happy with at that price, so I walked away from the deal. A lesson for everyone that I have always preached: never ever buy a house without getting inspected!!!

Chelsea has been kind of house hunting with her husband, but they're looking around the Maryville area. If I find anything cute I usually send it her way. They're probably not going to move for about a year, so I'm mostly just teasing her with good choice houses!

Arting tonight, I think! Brock really wants a Caitlyn (League) piece, so I've offered to fulfill this request for him. Hopefully it doesn't turn out wretched.

Why don't you and I get together and take on the world and be together forever.