Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The World's Revolution

Because we had a chiropractor come to the office a few weeks back, everyone who attended the lecture received a coupon for a free consultation/x-rays/adjustment. I took the doctor up on his offer, and returned to his office today to review my x-rays. Apparently, the natural curve in my neck is gone (about 75% deteriorated.) Most likely a result of my many years spent at computers/lazing on couches gaming with terribad posture. Even previous to this chiropractic consultation I had been increasingly aware of my posture, and doing my best to correct it. However, the years of damage have already taken their toll.

He called my status "phase 2 degeneration", and not only is it apparent in my neck, but my lower back as well. I had gone into the consultation noting that I have problems with my lower back, so I wasn't surprised to hear this. It's not nearly as bad as my neck, but my last two vertebrae don't move at all when I lean side-to-side.

He reassured me that this is resolvable, with time. We reviewed a 3-month regime of 3 times a week visits made up of a combination of adjustments, massage therapy, and different physical therapies that would re-teach my neck how to hold my skull properly. This would also break-up my bad scar tissues, and assist them in regrowing back the way they should. While I would only be in the program for 3 months, the process would take at least a year, with me continuing to do home exercises and whatnot. I have no issue with that, and I definitely want my neck and back to be better.

The price tag on this program is not covered by my insurance however, and would be around $3000. Even if I can get my out-of-pocket maximum for in-network, it's still $2000.

It's hard to ask myself if that's worth it because it's my health, what does money matter if I'm not healthy? But, is this the best thing I can do? More appropriately I suppose, is if this program is worth it.

I know people say bad things about chiropractors, but that's with regards (mostly) to lateral twist adjustments of the neck (which is not applicable here.) This doctor seems knowledgeable, and he didn't use lots of crazy terminology or say anything to scare or pressure me into needing to do this treatment. Nothing he said about my actual condition was a lie, I could see it on the x-rays. I guess what I'm getting at is I don't feel like I'm being scammed or anything.

Called my Mom, and she suggested I get a second opinion (good thinking!) There's an Orthopedic center down the road from my apartment, one that is in my insurance's network, so guess who I'll be calling tomorrow. Hopefully they won't need a reference from another doctor to see me. Would just like them to look at the x-rays and let me know what they think.