Monday, March 30, 2015

Dark Dark Door

Lots of fun board gaming has been happening on the new table! Wednesday night gaming has become a thing. Balo drops in, we have dinner, some drinking, and then play games ranging from Ticket to Ride, Arkham Horror, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Hunter and I have also been building miniatures. He's almost done with his Tau army, and I finished assembling all of the minis for Super Dungeon Explore. Excited to finally get to play :D

Last Saturday, Hunter and I attempted to throw a small get-together game night. Invited Balo, Brock, San, Michael, Clown Guy, and others over... but Brock was the only one available :/ So instead, we played League XD Think we've been getting better... Brock even said Hunter and I are pretty good players!

This Saturday, we missed Michael's return of the board gaming party. Some unexpected family stuff went down for Hunter... but we'll have to make it to the next one :)

Had Balo and Sara over yesterday for some Red Dragon Inn and Betrayal, since none of us were signed up for Pathfinder. Apparently there have been tons of new people going (Hunter and I haven't been in a month!), which is great for the society and the store, but it makes it a little less fun playing with random people. Miss having guaranteed tables of friends. Hopefully the Monday night game group will want to go ahead with the Emerald Spire superdungeon and I can run it :D

Immediately after gaming with Balo and Sara yesterday, Hunter and I headed over to his friend Casey's apartment for moar board gaming! I'd met Casey before at Hunter's home game, but not his girlfriend (Courtney), or Trey and his wife (who Hunter originally claimed was named Rebecca, but turned out to instead be Rachel.) Had delicious food cooked by Casey, enjoyed some drinks, and played more Betrayal and Red Dragon Inn. Was a fantastic time, and I think things went swimmingly. Everyone made at least one comment regarding how much better I was than Hunter's last girl that he introduced to them XD Definitely looking forward to hanging out with them more, in any fashion. Really fun peeps :D

If it didn't suck enough already that Hunter and I will both be in two different weddings in different states April 11th, the normal Are You A Werewolf game that is run on the first Saturday of each month has once again been moved to the second weekend... so I won't be in town for it T.T I'm going to start going through withdrawals soon if I don't get my werefix!

Speaking of the wedding, I finally ordered my shoes. The requirements provided by Kristin were pretty straight forward: silver sparkly heels. They arrived, and I'm worried that the newspaper's headline the next day will revolve around a death by shoes -_-; The heel is 3" (I think?), and I'm definitely not one to be able to walk around in heels very well to begin with. Should be interesting... but I do have a plan!

We had our last snow dusting super late Saturday night. I'm going to miss it!! Have been taking the moto out during the nice days tho :D Definitely missed riding. Hunter bought a helmet so he could be my passenger, and while I was nervous at first (since it'd been ages, and I'd only ever had a passenger maybe three times) the rides have gone wonderfully! And he loves it! ^^

It's other people that make life worth living.