Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Know Through Knowledge

Happy 2015!

The first week of the year has been going well thus far. I would say "back to work," but I wasn't ever not working during the holiday season. However, everyone else is popping back up in the office! Lots to catch up on. Hopefully we can close some of the open loops I've been waiting on the past few weeks of seasonal silence.

New Year's Eve was a blast! Met up with Hunter, Felix, Cullyn, and Rob at The Brewery for dinner and drinks. Headed to Rob's nearby flat for moar drinks! We then piled into a cab to the alternate location for Temple: our destination for the countdown :) Bunch of others were there, including Bradd and Sara! I stole Bradd's hat one too many times and felt bad about it :( But otherwise, I think everyone had a pretty great night!

Hunter and I became "Facebook-official" or whatevs :P We're adorable! :D

Afterward, I drove the 4-man party (Hunter, Felix, Cullyn, and myself) to Waffle House since I was the only one sober to do so.  Mmmm waffles :D Never have I been to WH so many times in my life until I started hanging out with this crowd XD

The next morning I woke up and the bridge of my nose was all bruised. I remembered Felix grabbing a hold of my nose at some point during the night and tugging it around, and I relayed as much to Hunter. On Friday, he, Bradd, Felix, Cullyn, Zach, AJ, and I met up at Felix's to play some during-the-week Pathfinder. Hunter asked Felix about my nose, and he said that when I walked outside at Temple a rando elbowed me in the face on accident o.O I don't remember this at all; neither did Hunter, Bradd, or Sara :o Oh well! Nothing that won't heal up :)

The game we ran was super rough, even despite us having 2 channeling healers (13d6 of healing a round IIRC), and me being the only character that couldn't heal anyone. Definitely had some close calls between both mine and Hunter's characters, but we lived and defeated the Ifrit queen (and her badass, face-raping whore friend!) I didn't do half bad on damage throughout either, if I say so myself. RAWR BARBAR! XD

Saturday, Hunter ran his home game. We met Clint's new character: a slayer. Hopefully we'll find traps before they spring on us, now! :) I don't think Casey will be coming back, and Hunter's friend Trey has already dipped out of the game :/ Hunter was out for blood for the second week in a row, and nearly killed another one of us. They're dropping like flies!

Sunday was PFS as per usual, but I was at a fantastic table (so, out of the ordinary ;) ) Bradd, Sara, Damon and I faced up against a 3-7 scenario that we played-up on. Had some tough combats, but I made it all the way to the last fight before I was beheaded! Felix got sequential round crits on me; it couldn't be helped. Even he was surprised, considering he didn't murder my face during Friday's game. I had enough prestige to get myself resurrected, and enough gold to have my negative levels removed, so it was all good! That can't happen again for awhile tho ;)

Monday night game was a little less exciting, during which we found out that Cera will no longer be joining us /sad puppy. Balo and my characters spoke out during the roleplay portion of the night, and were outright overruled without debate. The first combat was army-based, during which Sara, Felix, and I sat out. And in the second encounter, Hunter and I were dazed the entire 5 rounds that combat lasted. Le sigh! Maybe I need to buy me a cloak of resistance and ioun stones to buff up my Will save. I feel this way about pretty much every one of my characters, ha! :)

Lots of Pathfinder coming up this month with another charity event going on: Save vs Hunger. Everyone should come out for this cause, and (of course) the awesome gaming! I've got my barbarian up to level 7 now (yay!) but that means she's in the danger zone of 7 to 11 land. Not sure how much longer she'll last before getting murdered to the point of being dead dead. We shall see! I've already started building another new character. I have two level 2's (a warpriest and a kineticist) but they're kind of meh. This one is going to be from the Goodguy family, which currently consists of 3 brothers (2 played by Hunter and 1 by Cullyn.) I'll be taking on the role of the Goodguy little sister: she's prettier and smarter than all three of her older brothers combined! ;) Although, I don't think that's a very difficult task to accomplish... Should be fun :)

Werewolf this Saturday! Awooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I'd far rather be happy than right any day.