Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 20

Tonight for dinner was breakfast! Only because I accidentally made what was supposed to be dinner one night for breakfast foods (the pork pesto). Not that it matters, since most of our foods are comprised of the same components anyway. This is a homefries alternative; we used spinach instead of kale, normal sweet potatoes instead of white, and ground beef to ours for more substance instead of bacon. (Noooooo not bacon!)

Turned out pretty well. The meat was actually kind of lemony, but when eaten all together, it was quite nice!

More acne popped up as of last night. It's frustrating that this process doesn't seem to have helped me in that department. Outside of the acne, I don't feel any different either. Been talking to Seneca about it, and he believes that if there's no relief of any issues, then there's no reason to continue doing this experiment. I agree with his statement, so I think that if after Father's Day there's still no improvement (because facial skin regenerates about once every month) then there's no point in continuing to filter the foods I eat. Maybe I'll notice a physical reaction to reintroducing something at some point, but I doubt it.