Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm afflicted with J1MTS

Hunter and I carpooled in the rain to Cullyn's home game last week, and he had to point out how crappy my windshield wipers were. They've always been that way! Even though I was using ones the dealer put on -_-; He was fairly adamant that I needed to get them changed out, so he pretty much forced me to the auto store to buy new ones… and I'm so glad he did! I had no idea how clear my windshield could be while utilizing wipers! The little things that make such a difference XD

This weekend was absolutely fantastic. Our normal werewolf hangout location hosted a mini nerd con for charity. Unfortunately, I missed out on the majority of Saturday due to the company Christmas party. Did manage to drag Dan out with me, so I wasn't all alone in my suffering! It wasn't terrible, anyway. Good food, hung out with the same coworkers I always do, and video games had been set up in one of the conference rooms for the kids. So of course, where was I the majority of the time? XD

Afterward was onward to Pathfinder! I was under the impression the mod I was going to be playing on was across three tables, but it turned out to be just three tables of the same scenario. Oh well. Was fun to play my barbarian again :) Saved the day! Although I was fairly drunk while doing so and don't remember much of what was going on. I think the rest of the party did a bunch of talking, and I murdered some stuff :d

Sunday was Pathfinder all day: 2 tables at the convention and 1 home game after. Got to play once with my telekineticist, getting her to level 2! And the second game was with my barbarian, who nearly didn't make it out alive… but now she's level 6! That second game was my first "high level" table, and I was the lowest level player of the group. It was rough… and I wasn't the only one who would've died. It was more like the entire party will either live or die. In the very last portion of the scenario, there was a gargantuan demon being held off by some NPCs for a mere 3 or 4 turns, while the rest of us needed to activate a weapon to destroy it and all of its little demon buddies before said NPCs died. It basically boiled down to Hunter and Boats' characters distracting and taking AOOs for Cullyn, Damon, and myself to take out two "little" demons and activate the weapon. We managed to do so barely by the skin of our teeth :d The weapon itself nearly killed me since I'm not a good-aligned character o.O But, it certainly wasn't the first scenario that ended whilst I was unconscious, and I'm sure it won't be the last!

In between tables there were some raffle announcements, including to hit Nick (our Venture Captain) and Felix in the face with some pies! :D Of course, none of my numbers were called :( But at least Balo and Bradd got to hit Felix with pies! Was pretty hilarious :) Felix attempted to hug me after he got pied, but I GTFO'd away... /ninja! Instead, he got Hunter, who managed to get me, but by then there wasn't much whipped cream left to be transferred XD

I actually didn't win anything over the course of the con (no surprise there!.. my mother has all the luck in the family, after all.) Hunter was sweet enough to give me a choice of a mini from the pack of 4 he won. Grabbed a little iconic female witch for myself :) Maybe I won't ruin this Bones mini like I did the last one… >.>

And after that, we still had Hunter's home game to go to! Fought the dungeon's big bad clockwork spider and won the day! :) Wasn't a terribly long game, although we ended up starting super late since our PFS tables ran over. Oh well, was still a ton of fun! :D

For tonight's home game, I'm making macaroni and cheese! Usually I bring some type of dessert, but I figured I'd do more contribution tonight :) It's sitting in the crock pot right now, cooking away! I guess it's kind of silly, but I get a little nervous about leaving a device on in the kitchen all day. I'm weird tho.

Finally decorated the apartment! I originally had only put up posters and pictures in the living and dining rooms. Was waiting on Mike to move up here so we could make the place our own, but since that has since changed I thought I should take it upon myself to personalize the two upstairs bedrooms :) 

Injury city up in here!

Post carpet-cleaning kitten prints!

Super excited for this upcoming weekend as well- it is Are You A Werewolf once again! Pot-luck version this time :) I'm making a special black and white cookie from scratch for the occasion.

Every time I think I'm missing a piece of me, you give it back.