Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jackass of All Trades

Since I signed a lease for another year at my apartment complex, they offered me a couple of normal "deals". I selected carpet cleaning (of course, cats!), and it was scheduled for this morning. Apparently, the complex told the carpet cleaner that I wouldn't be home, so he didn't even bother to knock. Just attempted to stroll right into my apartment, which tore the chain on the door right out of the paneling -_-; Does anyone have manners around here? At least the maintenance guys knock first before attempting to enter.

That wasn't as big of a deal as my next concern, however. Basically, the guy had the huge vacuum system in his van, and he was going to peruse through my apartment hyper-suction cleaning my floors. This is fine an dandy, if he didn't need to leave the front door cracked. Obviously, the apartment management forgot that I have 2 indoor-only cats, despite my repeated reminding them of this fact. If I hadn't been here, then I would've returned home from work with two fewer entities in the apartment. And to say I would have been livid would be a gross understatement.

/sigh! At least my carpets are now gorgeous and my kittens are safe and sound :)