Saturday, May 20, 2017

For the Love of Coffee

Tomorrow's the day! Seneca and I picked tomorrow because we're going to a Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival today. Clearly, we couldn't enjoy this if we had already started our AIP :)

After the festival tonight, we're going to be making some bone broth in the slow cooker to run overnight (for use in tomorrow's slow cooker dinner: beef stew), Seneca will prepare breakfast (ground beef, sweet potato, onion, and undetermined spice since he can't use what he used to), and I will make blackberry cobbler (since it's his favourite and I haven't made him cookies since we've been back.) However, I just realized our lemon juice has sulfur dioxide in it, so that will need to be remedied first.

It's amazing what's in foods when you start looking at the labels. I've been doing this already, but even things that we are particular about have very non-AIP friendly ingredients. The biggest shock last night while we were at the store: cooking stock has soy and even tomatoes in it. Even unsalted varieties! Gah! Guess we'll be making our own, or using water in its place ~_~

Now, I will go enjoy my last cup of coffee for awhile~