Monday, May 22, 2017


Yesterday morning we completed our first big batch of cooking. Our breakfast (ground beef, sweet potato, and onion) was completed with cinnamon and turmeric. Actually ended up turning out really well!

 My blackberry cobbler is one of the simplest and best desserts I've ever made; (of course) Seneca agrees :D

We made about 20 cups worth of bone broth over the day (12 in the morning from the slow cooker, and then another 8 we squeezed out of it by evening.) Per several sites' advice, I roasted the bones first (with olive oil, garlic and onion powders) and since I haven't done this before I can't say if it made the broth "better", but it was extremely rich!

Lunch was tuna (but not tuna) casserole. After previously scoping out all of the cans and pouches of tuna in the grocery store, there's one thing I feel is necessary to share: fuck those cans of garbage. SOY? Are you kidding me? Undoubtedly it's due to them adding soy sauce or something (most cans include vegetable brother and salt, even though they claim the tuna is just in water.) What a bunch of trash! There are a couple of brands that offer straight-up tuna, and of course they are significantly more expensive. But what else costs the same as those cans and pouches? Canned salmon! Which surprisingly is just salmon. Fancy that! Thus, we took it upon ourselves to make salmon casserole instead, and it came out delicious! (Never mind that it had the look and consistency of slop :) )

The immediate thing the broth was used for was beef stew! Which we had for dinner yesterday evening. It was absolutely fantastic. I never thought of using anchovies before, and while I know some people are going to think that's gross, it really just enhanced the flavour of everything else.

The not-tuna casserole will be lunch for today and tomorrow, and the beef stew will be dinner tonight (and there will be a little left over besides, so maybe lunch for one of us another day?) Tomorrow night's dinner will be Thai basil chicken.

Day 1: success! Too early to tell if there's any changes yet, but that knowledge will come soon enough :)

Tea is such a sad substitute for coffee.