Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Not a Post

It's been the longest time in awhile! Not back to begin blogging again really, just here to document and track a new venture Seneca and I are getting into. We've decided to do an elimination diet over the course of the next two months, effectively going through an auto-immune protocol process.

Seneca is already acutely aware of his horrible skin reactions due to grains, and congestion and inflammation because of dairy products. I've wondered if there are food-related reasons to my acne issue I've had my entire life, or if there's some negative way my body has been reacting to foods (like maybe this wrist and hand pain that's crept its way in...)

Having just got back from our cruise, and not going on vacation again for awhile where we'll most definitely eat things we shouldn't, figured this would be the best time to strictly manage what we consume! :)

Currently, we cook mostly Paleo at home, and do our best to eat the same if we go out. While this is already slightly restrictive, some of the foods we'll be removing are in nearly everything, so we'll need to provide all of our own food for ourselves. I already love cooking, especially for both of us, so I'm not too concerned about feeling overwhelmed about not being able to go out to eat for a little over two months.

Starting Sunday morning 5/21, we won't be eating eggs, nightshades (certain "veggies" and spices), legumes (nuts & seeds), any grains, non-grassfed meats, not drinking alcohol, and even furthering limiting/eliminating sugar. Seems a bit daunting at first- what are we going to eat!? Our staple breakfast is half gone (eggs!), I love my chili (alllllll the nightshades), and BEER!

But... it's all for the potentially greater good, right? If it makes either of us feel better or resolve issues (known or not) then it'll be totally worth it! :D